Victory for Books for Prisoners

Just announced today (5th December 2014):  the High Court today ruled that the ban on books for prisoners is unlawful. In addition, Mr Justice Collins said that access to libraries in prisons is inadequate. He commented that it was ‘strange’ to refer to books as a privilege

Some days there is good news. Some days justice and good sense prevail.

For more on this see the Howard League’s website.

EnglishPEN and many writers have also been involved in this campaign.

See previous post on Bookword on November 8th for more on this.



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4 Responses to Victory for Books for Prisoners

  1. Helen Ashley

    This is really good news. While teaching ABE to vulnerable prisoners in Dartmoor in the 1990s, one of my students noticed the paperback poetry book I was using (for my own devised course on ‘Poetry Through the Ages’ – which the class enjoyed) was falling apart. He took it to the prison library, where a group was working on book-binding; and he returned it to me rebound, with hard covers. This surely shows an understanding of the value of books, which must be encouraged.

    • Caroline

      This story reminds one that it is not only the conent of books that can create good connections for prisoners. Thanks for this.

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