The Samuel Johnson Prize 2015

Neurotribes: the Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Siberman is the 2015 winner of The Samuel Johnson Prize for 2015.The book is an exploration of autism.210b Neurotribes

The Samuel Johnson Prize has drawn attention to some of the best non-fiction since it was established in 1999.

In 2104 the prize was won by H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald which many people enjoyed and I reviewed enthusiastically on Bookword.

The rest of the 2015 Shortlist

210b LandmarksLandmarks by Robert Macfarlane

Ted Hughes: the Unauthorised Life by Jonathan Bate

The Unravelling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq by Emma Sky

The Four-Dimensional Human by Laurence Scott

The Divided Island: Stories from the Sri Lankan War by Samanth Subramanian

Also on the Longlist

210b Guantanamo-DiaryNothing is True and Everything is Possible by Peter Pomerantsev

They all love Jack the Ripper by Bruce Robinson

Black Earth by Timothy Snyder

The Planet Remade by Oliver Moon

Guantanamo Diary by Mohamedou Oud Siahi

Fighters in the Shadows by Robert Gidea.


The Samuel Johnson Prize website is here.


I haven’t read any of the 2015 longlist yet, but one or two are already on my tbr list. Can you recommend any?


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2 Responses to The Samuel Johnson Prize 2015

  1. Eileen

    Thank you Caroline

  2. Somehow The Samuel Johnson Prize has escaped me… but sounds a fantastic resource to find some of the best non-fiction. Must peruse their previous longlists & winners.

    Haven’t read any of this year’s longlist – or come across them with the exception of the Ted Hughes one. Which ones are on your TBR? Emma Sky’s sounds promising, especially when I read ‘Called the ‘modern-day Gertrude Bell’ by The Times’ …

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