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Ways with Words

Ways with Words is a ten-day ‘Festival of Words and Ideas’; the setting, a beautiful estate in Devon, Dartington Hall. 108 Courtyard

And on Monday 7th July all these are on the programme:

  • Noah and the flood
  • Rod Liddle
  • HRH Princess Michael of Kent
  • Angela Neustatter
  • Jill Dawson
  • The Wordsworths
  • Bloomsbury Group foodies
  • Dylan Thomas
  • And us, Eileen and me … promoting our about-to-be-published book.

It’s the first public outing of our book Retiring with Attitude: approaching and relishing your retirement, published by the GuardianBooks on 24th July. A public outing and also an opportunity to promote it.

101 RWA coverWe are in the Great Hall at 7.30 for a session with Angela Neustatter who has recently published The Year I Turn … a quirky a-z of ageing. We have been put together in a session called Growing Older.

Growing older is just that – a time to grow. It is possible to become more active, read that novel, learn to dance and mainly to keep changing. (from the programme)

I am very familiar with being in the audience at Dartington. I have been to previous Ways with Words Festivals and sung in the choir of the Summer School, as well as attending concerts there throughout the year. The Great Hall is a beautiful setting, especially on a summer evening when the windows are open. Inside the high ceiling, the baronial banners, the huge fireplace, the wooden floors and stone walls make an imposing setting for any performance.

108 Great HallI used the Great Hall in an unfinished short story, as the setting for a renown author’s reading and Q&A. He has been asked about a book he referred to, which no one in the audience knew of. It’s the moment before the denouement of the story.

The lecture room was quite still. Sounds from the outside drifted in through the open widows, calls of young people playing with a Frisbee on the grass quadrangle, a bird singing in the creeper under the window, footsteps on the flagstones, greetings, a distant dog. A breeze brought a hint of newly mown hay from the fields beyond. A member of the audience coughed.

I am a little in awe of the setting as well as the company. But I’m confident that we have something to say. I have been working out my contribution today. You could join us and see how we do.

You can pre-order our book from Hive here, or from other on-line book sellers. Or buy a copy at the Ways with Words Bookshop.


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We interrupt to bring you some breaking news …

We interrupt to bring you news of our new publication: Eileen Carnell and I have just received 10 copies of our new book: Retiring with Attitude, published by GuardianBooks.

101 RWA pilePublication date is 24th July 2014 (but available now for pre-order from on-line booksellers and bookstores near you).

Copies will be available at the Ways With Words Festival at Dartington, Devon. We are appearing with Angela Neustatter, author of The Year I Turn… A Quirky A-Z of Ageing, on Monday 7th July at 7.30pm in the Great Hall, for a session called Growing Older.

It is very exciting seeing the pile of ten actual books! We have published books before, but not a major trade book like this one.

We will be blogging more about the process of publication anon!

101 RWA cover

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