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Duck Dives Down Deep

Grandmothers are allowed to have pride at the achievements of their grandchildren and to tell the world about them. This is my boast about a book that my 5-year old grandson, Oli, wrote with me.

107 Cover 1

It began with some painting some months ago, which turned into a story (see below) and which has now developed into a series. Here are the first pages drying on the light fitting in my kitchen.

107 duck drying 2

I wrote the text to Oli’s dictation, he added the page numbers.

107 page numbers 4

Just as I thought we were done he said ‘the blurb!’ More dictation.

107 blurb 5

And here, in the style of Bob Dylan, is Oli’s book.

107 Reading 6

107 reading 7

107 reading 8

107 Reading 9

107 Reading 10

107 Reading 11

107 Reading 12

107 Reading 13

107 Reading tog 14Later he read his book to his mother. Later still he wrote Duck Dives Down even Deeper. And since then there have been two more in the series.

Where will it end?


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