Five Things on my Writing Desk

Recently I read 5 Things on My Writing Desk on Shelley Wilson’s blog. Like a magpie I pick up good ideas. It’s all been a bit heavy on this blog recently as I grappled with technical issues. They are all resolved now, I hope, and so a little light blogging is in order. Here are five of my things on my writing desk.


Not much comment needed on this. I love my laptop, so long as it keeps working. It’s my typewriter, word processor, research tool, photo hoard, access to other people … My everything.

SAD light

This year I decided to try a daylight lamp to counter SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It shines brightly in my face when I am on the computer. I’ve no idea whether it is working or not. Just in case, I keep going with it.


I have two pinboards: on the left a photo board, mostly pictures of women. On the right are some reminders, useful codes and numbers, lists and my blog schedule. The bearded gentleman, still visible, is a self-portrait of my great-great grandfather. The young boy is my grandson sitting in my former office at the Institute of Education in London. I don’t go much on quotable quotes, but occasionally I pin one up, and this is an example of something I like to be reminded of:

Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? [Mary Oliver]

Cards and photos

I always have a few more cards and pictures around, sometimes birthday cards waiting to be sent. At the moment I am looking at a photograph of my grandmother on her wedding day. I recently acquired her wedding dress from c1923: it’s fuchsia. She died soon after, giving birth to my mother. When I first saw this photo I thought it was me. I have aged, while she has not.

Piles of Stuff

And piles and piles of stuff, all work in progress. Not necessarily creative writing, some of it is to do with other projects (school history project, volunteering, blog stuff, forms to fill in for blood donation) old notebooks and just stuff.

I’m not sure what you would make of any of this. Perhaps not much.

Your Five things?

Care to tell us about your 5 things on your writing desk?


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8 Responses to Five Things on my Writing Desk

  1. Eileen Carnell

    Wonderful idea

  2. Piles of stuff are good…. And thank you for sharing your desk with us – so poignant about your grandmother.

    I try to keep my home desk clear (I suppose I have more than one…) The PC desk has the PC, a ton of post it notes, whatever books are waiting to be reviewed plus whatever I’m reading. And a cup of some kind of hot beverage.

    But upstairs in the spare room I have carved out a crafting space which is always completely covered in papers, glues, paints etc etc. It stays messy till I can’t stand it any more and put everything away. And then stop crafting for a while until I can be bothered to get it all out again! ;D

    • Caroline

      I am in awe! How on earth do you manage to do crafts as well as all the book blogging? And what kind of crafts?
      We shoulcd be told.

      • Art journaling, making journals, paper based stuff – it scratches my creative itch, but *does* take away the time from reading occasionally….

        • Caroline

          That is so impressive. I knit, but enjoy following patterns so I am not sure it can be considered as creative. Paper is such an amazing medium I think. I love those creations made out of books, and paper sculpture generally. I did a post on that once, having seen an exhibition.
          Thanks for replying.

          • Knitting is *very* creative! I can’t do anything apart from the basic stitches, but my mum used to be a great knitter and fortunately my Middle Child has inherited the talent! 😀

          • Caroline

            Does knitting always slip a generation? Certainly my own daughter is not interested. Mostly I do socks and hats and small things that I wont get bored with!

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