about the blogger


Hi there! My name is Caroline Lodge. I started Bookword blog in December 2012 to share my reading, mostly ‘literary’ fiction; and also to share stuff about writing. I am a writer.

I am passionate about the importance of literacy, the function of libraries, of books and of giving voice to underrepresented groups, especially women writers, black women writers and older women. I want to read much more fiction in translation, and encourage others to do this too.

I believe in free access to books for prisoners. And I champion writing as a therapeutic activity.

As well as reviews you will find thoughts on these ideas on my blog.

I write short stories and longer fiction, including a novel, which is resting somewhere between a first and second draft.

I belong to a writing group and two reading groups.

I moved to Devon from London in the summer of 2013.

My two most recent books were both written with others:

The New Age of Ageing: how society needs to change, written with Eileen Carnell and Marianne Coleman, was published by Policy Press in September 2016.

Retiring with Attitude: approaching and relishing your retirement, co-authored with Eileen Carnell was published by the Guardian in July 2014.

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